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Pianist, keyboardist, composer and bandleader born in Argentina in 1984 and living in Barcelona (Spain) since 2005.

He is a talented musician of imposing creativity and subtlety, enthusiastic, passionate of music in all its forms, his style is a mixture of talent, charisma, Latin roots and Jazz.

With more than 18 years of experience playing on stages around the world, Cristian has developed a maturity and security that make him a professional, while still providing feeling, emotion and heart in each perform.



Released in 2012, “Alma & Clave” is my first published album. It has 7 original compositions, 4 of them recorded live. It was the result of a period where I explored one of the genres that I am most passionate about, Latin Jazz. For this project I have had the collaboration of great musicians of the music scene in Barcelona.



Cristian Torres


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